Life is full of choises, decisions, ruled by believes, emotions or their absence.



sundown at Balayan Bay, light clouded, brown to orange teint, traditional philippine fishing boat to the left and a little girl with a fishing net enjoying the view, the water has tiny waves and looks like a aged copper plate, the sun submerged behind the ridge of smal mountains. step out

Soul Food


fresh baked buns with cumin lying on a grating, slightly connected to each other. get hungry

Solid Ideas

alu acrylic glass wood leds

self assembled led lamps from wood, acrylic glass, aluminium and white standard leds. on the left side, a wood triangle made from sanded sticks, inside a rhombus shaped acrylic glass with nine leds, in the middle, a oval aluminium plate with twelve leds fixed to a smal wooden board, on the right, a angled cut bamboo tube with an aluminium disc inside holding nine leds. expressions